A selection of concerts performed by the ensemble

  • The Celtic Voices

    The Israeli Vocal Ensemble
    Yuval Benozer
    Evergreen Band:
    Michal Shachar, flutes, piano, melodica, voice; Moshe Avigdor, guitar; Gal Shachar, violin; Abe Doron, percussion

    The Israeli Vocal Ensemble together with Evergreen Band, specializing in Celtic music, in a concert of folk songs, dance rhythms, lyrical ballads, Scottish songs, and more. An exciting combination of the Celtic timbre with diverse Israeli and artistic roots.

    Concert duration: 1:14:49 hours.
    Concert recorded at Tel Aviv Museum of art in 15.5.17.

  • The Eternal Light: From Dawn to Starlight

    The Israeli Vocal Ensemble
    Guest Conductor:
    Franz Herzog (Austria)
    Saxophone: Eyal Isaac

    Many poets and composers have written about light. From the sunlight of dawn to the starlight, the light of eternity and the light of God. Each of them saw in it different shades but they were all captivated by the magic of light that always heralds the exit from darkness, and tried to describe it through the music. An experience of lights and sounds with the Austrian conductor and composer Franz Herzog, who leads the Israeli Vocal Ensemble in a program of choral music that is full of light, hope and faith.

    Concert duration: 1:18:13 hours.
    recorded at Tel Aviv Museum of Art, in 28.2.17.

  • At the Corner of Dizengoff & Broadway

    The Israeli Vocal Ensemble
    Guest Conductor:
    Robert Porco (USA)

    Songs from great and beloved musicals

    The Israeli Vocal Ensemble presents a slightly different classic: the popular American song. The American song as presented in Broadway musicals by composers such as Gershwin, Berlin, Richard Rodgers, Bernstein and others: major and influential composers in American music who took popular music as seriously as they treated “serious” classical music, and their songs became part of the canon that is known as the American Song Book. 

    Concert duration: 01:00:02 hours.
    Concert recorded at Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 28.1.15.