Beatles unplugged

The Israeli Vocal Ensemble
Noa Gruman conductor
Asaf Roth percussion

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ breakup, the Israeli Vocal Ensemble performs the great songs of the Fantastic Four in vocal arrangements. The program includes: Eleanor Rigby, Yesterday, Blackbird, With a little help from my friends, and more.

Concert duration: 57:50 minutes.

Live recorded at Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 1.7.21.


1.       Blackbird

2.       Yesterday

3.       Twist and Shout

4.       All You Need is Love

5.       Eleanor Rigby

6.       Calico Skies

7.       Here there and everywhere

8.       Yellow submarine/Back to USSR

9.       Here comes the sun

10.   With a little help

11.   Michelle

12.   Imagine

13.   When I’m 64


In memory of Howard Gilman and of Tamar Rudich

From the Music Director

“כבר שנתיים שאנחנו מחכים לשיר את השירים היפהפיים שמלווים את כולנו כבר 50 שנה, אלינור ריגבי, Yesterday, Michelle,   בעיבודים לאנסמבל א-קפלה. אני חושב שהביצוע ללא גיטרות ותופים חושף צדדים חבויים בפנינים המוסיקליות שבחרנו לבצע.”
יובל בן עוזר

“We’ve been waiting two years to sing the beautiful songs that have been accompanying us all for 50 years – Eleanor Rigby, Michelle, Yesterday – in A Cappella arrangements for the Ensemble. I think arranging these songs without guitars or drums exposes some hidden sides to the musical gems we have chosen to perform.”
Yuval Benozer