The organ in the center

The Israeli Vocal Ensemble
Conductor Yuval Benozer
SopranoHila Baggio
Organ Raviv Leibzirer

The organ is a relatively old musical instrument. It was played throughout the Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman world. It evolved and developed to reach its status as the church’s main instrument in the Baroque period and became a symphonic instrument in the 19th century. Music for organ and voices peaked during this period and the great classical composers found fertile ground for creativity in the musical trinity — organ, choir and church acoustics. The program invites audiences to enjoy masterpieces for this musical triad by Bach, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Reinberger, together with the wonderful work of Francis Poulenc, Gloria, full of joy, light and colors, which will be performed in a special arrangement for the organ. This work will feature international soprano singer Hila Baggio, who is making her solo debut with the ensemble. Bask in the rich sound of the Ensemble’s newly purchased organ – considered to be the best mobile instrument in the country – played here by Raviv Leibzirer.

Concert duration: 1:22:19 hours.

Live recorded at Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 11.3.21.

From the Music Director

“I am sure that those of you who have sat in a church organ recital, wrapped in that overpowering sound with its mysterious source that digs into your insides, know what a special experience it is, both musically and spiritually. The new church organ of the Israeli Vocal Ensemble and organist Raviv Leibzirer will enable us to bring musical works that combine the qualities of the instrument with the singers’ voices. In this series of religious pieces, the crowning glory will be Francis Poulenc’s “Gloria”
Yuval Benozer