Francis Poulenc : Figure Humaine

The Israeli Vocal Ensemble
Conductor Yuval Benozer
Guest Conductor
Guy Pelc

Text: Paul Eluard

The Israeli Vocal Ensemble performs for the first time in Israel the cantata Figure Humaine, composed by Francis Poulenc in 1942, for texts by the French poet Paul Eluard, during the Nazi occupation. The work is considered by many to be the pinnacle of Poulenc’s work, if not one of the best works written in the 20th century.

Piece duration: 17:49 minutes.

The piece was performed as part of the “Sounds of Freedom” concert that took place at Tel Aviv Museum  of Art in 15.6.19.

Figure Humaine:

I –De tous les printemps du monde

II –En chantant les servantes s’élancent

III –Aussi bas que le silence

IV –Toi ma patience 

V –Riant du ciel et des planets

VI –Le jour m’étonne et la nuit me fait peur

VII –La menace sous le ciel rouge

VIII –Liberté