Dixit Dominus and other psalms set to music

Israeli Vocal Ensemble
Conductor Yuval Benozer
Soloists Alon Harari Countertenor, Daniela Skorka Soprano
Barocade Orchestra

Psalms set to music. At the center of the concert is Dixit Dominus by Handel, the pinnacle of his musical career. There will also be performances of Psalms by Vivaldi, Taverner, Allegri, Purpura and more.

Concert duration: 1:52:30 hours.

Live recorded at Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 10.5.21.


  • Antonio Vivaldi     –    Lauda Jerusalem
  • John Tavener    –   The Lamb
  • Gregorio Allegri    –   Miserere mei, Deus
  • Georg Friedrich Händel    –   Dixit Dominus
  • Arcangello Corelli    –   Concert Grosso op. 6 No. 4 (Instrumental) 

From the Music Director

   “The piece Dixit Dominus (or “The Lord Said”) by G.F. Handel is one that always makes me happy. It’s exciting and full of energy, colours and the joy of youth. The singers of the Ensemble call it “Handel’s dance party”. I’ve added a piece by another wild composer, Antonio Vivaldi – “Lauda Jerusalem”. Between the two pieces, to relax, I’ve put in some short A Capella sections. We will be joined by two soloists with whom I am always happy to collaborate: Daniela Skorka and Alon Harari, as well as the brilliant musicians of the Barrocade Orchestra.”
Yuval Benozer