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  • From Page To Stage: A Choir Lab

    World premiere of three Israeli works for choir.

    Conductors: Yuval Benozer / Guy Pelc

    For many years, The Israeli Vocal Ensemble has been developing and cultivating Israeli repertoire for choirs, and promoting Israeli composers and works. In From Page To Stage: A Choir Lab project 2020, the Israeli Vocal Ensemble performs three works that have not yet received their professional stage debuts, all of which were written by excellent Israeli composers. The event includes excerpts from interviews with the composers.

    Duration of concert: 01:08:13 hours

  • Duke Ellington: The Sacred Concert

    Conductor Yuval Benozer
    Soprano Eden Hollen
    The Israeli Vocal Ensemble
    The Israel Jazz Orchestra

    Legendary jazz musician Duke Ellington wrote three ‘Sacred Concerts’ in his final years, combining classical music, choral music, spirituals, gospel and blues. He called them “the most important thing I have ever done”. This concert features the Israeli Vocal Ensemble, joined by the Israel Jazz Orchestra and soprano Eden Holan, to perform the second Sacred Concert.

  • Singers in the Time of Corona

    Singers in the Time of Corona - Each time, a spotlight on two singers from the Israeli Vocal Ensemble. The spotlight includes a brief personal acquaintance and pieces of singing or playing by the singers

  • Claudio Monteverdi: Selva Morale e Spirituale

    Guest Conductor: Steven Sloane (USA-Germany)

    Duration of concert: 1:04:50 hours

    The Israeli Vocal Ensemble with soloists of Barrocade Collective playing period instruments, in a program from the last collection of works by one of the greatest Italian Baroque composers. Also included instrumental music by Monteverdi's contemporaries.

  • “Intermezzo with Arik” hosts the Israeli Vocal Ensemble

    Conductor: Yuval Benozer
    The Israeli Vocal Ensemble

    Prof. Arie Vardi hosts the Israeli Vocal Ensemble on the educational television program "Intermezzo with Arik" for an encounter of singing and conversation on vocal music.

    Duration of the program: 27:04 minutes

  • At the Corner of Dizengoff & Broadway

    Songs from great and beloved musicals

    Guest Conductor: Robert Porco (USA)
    The Israeli Vocal Ensemble presents a slightly different classic: the popular American song. The American song as presented in Broadway musicals by composers such as Gershwin, Berlin, Richard Rodgers, Bernstein and others: major and influential composers in American music who took popular music as seriously as they treated "serious" classical music, and their songs became part of the canon that is known as the American Song Book. 

    Duration of Concert: 01:00:02 hours

Showing 11–16 of 16 results