From Page To Stage: A Choir Lab

The Israeli Vocal Ensemble
Conductors Yuval Benozer / Guy Pelc
Bassoon Uzi Shalev
Piano: Pazit Gal

World premiere of three Israeli works for choir.

Concert duration:  1:07:57 hours

Live Recorded at Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 30.10.20.

For many years, The Israeli Vocal Ensemble has been developing and cultivating Israeli repertoire for choirs, and promoting Israeli composers and works. In From Page To Stage: A Choir Lab project 2020, the Israeli Vocal Ensemble performs three works that have not yet received their professional stage debuts, all of which were written by excellent Israeli composers. The event includes excerpts from interviews with the composers.


Aharon Harlap: In Ein Dor (Text: Shaul Tchernichovsky)

Conductor: Guy Pelc 
Piano: Pazit Gal Bassoon: Uzi Shalev 
Soloists: Guy Pelc baritone; Roy Fridman bass

Alon Nechushtan: Behind The Dark Gate (Text: David Vogel)

Miktze Halaila
Yaldutenu   Soloist: Tom Ben Ishai soprano
Karon Yehidi
Hine Aviv

Sarah Shoham: Lo Ira Ra (I Will Fear No Evil; Text: Psalms 23)
Soloists: Nava Sahar, soprano; Ori Batchko tenor