Duke Ellington: The Sacred Concert

The Israeli Vocal Ensemble
Conductor Yuval Benozer
Soprano Eden Hollen
The Israel Jazz Orchestra

Legendary jazz musician Duke Ellington wrote three ‘Sacred Concerts’ in his final years, combining classical music, choral music, spirituals, gospel and blues. He called them “the most important thing I have ever done”. This concert features the Israeli Vocal Ensemble, joined by the Israel Jazz Orchestra and soprano Eden Holan, to perform the second Sacred Concert.

Concert Duration: 1:17:17 hours.

Live recorded at Tel Aviv Museum of art in 6.6.21.



דבר המנהל המוסיקלי

“כשחיפשתי קטע בנושא חירות, הראה לי ידידי, המנצח הנורבגי תומס קפלין, את פרק ה Liberty מתוך “הקונצרט המקודש”. כך גיליתי את היצירה הזו שכיף לשיר וכיף לשמוע, יצירה של אמונה באדם ובאל, העטופה בקצב ובגרוב נהדר.”
יובל בן עוזר

“When I was looking for a piece on the theme of liberty, my friend (the Norwegian conductor Thomas Caplin) showed me the Liberty section of the Sacred Concert.  That’s how I discovered this piece, which is fun to sing and fun to listen to. It’s a piece about faith in mankind and the almighty, and it is packed with a fantastic beat and groove.”
Yuval Benozer