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Online Ticket Ordering – Terms of Use
The Israeli Vocal Ensemble

The site is operated by the Israeli Vocal Ensemble
Yiftah 20, Tel Aviv 6731429
Tel: 074-701-2112

Welcome to the Israeli Vocal Ensemble website. Here you can purchase tickets and watch us online (concerts, lectures, podcasts).

A. Use of Site

The tickets offered for sale on the website regarding a particular show reflect the availability of all the tickets for that show.

For any question or request you may contact us at 074-701-2112 or by email [email protected]

The Israeli Vocal Ensemble will take reasonable measures to ensure the availability of the service, but we do not guarantee that it will be possible to order tickets and / or receive information through the website at any time.

How to get to the ticket ordering system?

The system can be accessed through any link on our website that refers to “purchasing tickets”.

Here’s how to find specific shows on the site:
A. Through the calendar
B. Through the home page

We are committed to protect your privacy.

Your name, ID number, and other personal details, including your email address will not be passed on to any other party for any purpose. The details you provide to us will be used by the Israeli Vocal Ensemble for marketing purposes and updates on changes, etc.

The offers and information that will be sent to you if you have confirmed that you are interested in receiving an email from the Israeli Vocal Ensemble, will be related to the Ensemble’s concerts, products or services related to us.

If you are interested in removing your personal details from our mailing list, you may request this in writing via e-mail address: [email protected] or by snail mail: the Israeli Vocal Ensemble, Yiftah 20 Tel Aviv 6731429.

The site is secured with SSL technology that ensures the encryption of information and the confidentiality of the information transmitted.

Online Payment

Payments on the site are made with credit card or via payment application Bit.

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation message by e-mail with your order details.

Please note: To view the broadcast for which you purchased tickets or subscribed – you will need to enter the email address you used and the password which you decided upon subscribing or purchasing a ticket.

* The Israeli Vocal Ensemble reserves the right to change (in the unlikely circumstances) the predetermined dates. If so, we will contact you by email.

B. Cancellation / Return of Tickets

To cancel a transaction made through the website, send a whatsaap to  +972-74-701-2112 or write to us an email at [email protected]

Customers may change the date / cancel ticket purchase up to 48 hours before the concert (Ensemble’s annual subscribers – up to 24 hours before the concert).

Please Note:

Any cancellation / change of date must be confirmed by an e-mail message received from the Ensemble via [email protected] or by whatssap +972747012112.

In case of cancellation, customers will be refunded in full and credit will be made to the credit card used to pay for the purchase.

We wish you a pleasant and easy browsing of the Israeli Vocal Ensemble website.

We would be happy to receive any comments or suggestions.

Please send your inquiries to: [email protected]
Or call: 074-701-2112
Or write to us on WhatsApp: wa.me/972747012112

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