All-Night Vigil

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27.12.2024 | Friday | 16:30 St. John Anglican Church, Haifa
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28.12.2024 | Saturday | 20:00 Raanana Music and Arts House
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30.12.2024 | Monday | 20:00 St. Andrews Church, Jerusalem
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31.12.2024 | Tuesday | 20:00 Tel Aviv Museum of Art
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31.12.2024 | Tuesday | 20:00
Digital Hall
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A-Cappella Concert

The Israeli Vocal Ensemble
Conductor: Yuval Benozer

Beautiful a-cappella works originating from four different countries; all share inner quietness expressed in bewitching heavenly music and infinite beauty–which the night provides for the awakened believers.


Rachmaninoff:  All-Night Vigil
S. Barber: Agnus Dei
G. Tavener: The Lamb
H. Wolf: Sacred Songs