Requiem para el Mundo: In the Afro-Cuban beat

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06.04.2025 | Sunday | 20:00 Rappaport center, Haifa
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07.04.2025 | Monday | 20:00 Raanana Music and Arts House
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08.04.2025 | Tuesday | 20:00 Tel Aviv Museum of Art
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08.04.2025 | Tuesday | 20:00
Digital Hall
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The Israeli Vocal Ensemble 
Nueva Manteca Band (The Netherlands)
Conductor: Yuval Benozer

Dutch pianist Jan Hartong spent a long time in Cuba and specialized in Afro-Cuban music. After the success of his Afro-Cuban Sanctus, Hartong wrote the Requiem para el Mundo, which combines the text of the Latin Requiem prayer with Afro-Cuban music. Jan Hartong’s composition is performed by the Israeli Vocal Ensemble together with Nueva Manteca Band from the Netherlands, one of the leading bands in the field of Latin music in Europe.

* This concert was supposed to be held in 2023-24 season, but was cancelled due to the war.
** The concert may be amplified.


Jan Hartong: Requiem para el Mundo