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17.06.2025 | Tuesday | 20:00 Tel Aviv Museum of Art
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19.06.2025 | Thursday | 20:00 Raanana Music and Arts House
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20.06.2025 | Friday | 12:00 Krieger Auditorium, Haifa
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The Israeli Vocal Ensemble
Barrocade Orchestra
Daniela Skorka, soprano
Tom Ben Ishai, soprano
Conductor: Yuval Benozer

The Mediterranean sun and the lively Italian temperament are what made the Gloria of the Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi his most popular choral work. Surprisingly, the Vesperae written by the 23-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for the Salzburg Cathedral also bring with it an almost Mediterranean temperament, originating from the young and stormy Mozart’s visits to Italy.



Vivaldi: Gloria
W.A. Mozart: Vesperae