Seasonal subscription 2023-24

18.01.2024 | Thursday | 20:30 Haifa seasonal subscription
19.01.2024 | Friday | 12:00 Digital hall subscription
20.01.2024 | Saturday | 20:00 Tel Aviv seasonal subscription
20.01.2024 | Saturday | 20:00 Raanana seasonal subscription

Seasonal subscription 2023-24
The subscription includes four concerts at the designated halls in Tel Aviv, Raanana and Haifa.

Tel Aviv, Haifa and Raanana – After purchasing the subscription, we will contact you to select your sits.
Digital hall – Purchasing a subscription allows you access the site’s contents for the whole season, for live concerts and its recordings, past seasons’ concerts recordings, podcasts and lectures.

If you have any question before purchasing the subscription,
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Concert 1 – Mozart’s Requiem

The Israeli Vocal Ensemble
The Israeli Chamber Orchestra
Conductor: Roberto Forés Veses

Haifa, Krieger audituriom – 17.10.2023 | 20:00
Tel Aviv Museum of Art – 18.10.2023  | 20:00
Digital hall – 18.10.2023  | 20:00
Raanana Music House – 21.10.2023 | 20:30

Concert 2 – Curse upon Iron

The israeli Vocal Ensemble
Conductor: Yuval Weinberg (Israel-Germany)

Israeli conductor Yuval Weinberg, music director of the South West German Radio Choir, leads the Israeli Vocal Ensemble in a beautiful and challenging a- cappella program.

Raanana Music House – 18.01.2024 | 20:30
House of Grace Church, Haifa – 19.01.2024 | 12:00
Tel Aviv Museum of Art – 20.01.2024 | 20:00
Digital hall– 20.01.2024 | 20:00
St. Andrews Church, Jerusalem – 21.01.2024 | 20:00

Concert 3 – Requiem para el Mundo

The Israeli Vocal Ensemble 
Nueva Manteca Band
Conductor: Yuval Benozer

Dutch pianist Jan Hartong spent a long time in Cuba and specialized in Afro-Cuban music. After the success of the Afro-Cuban Sanctus, Hartong wrote the Requiem para el Mundo which combines the text of the Latin Requiem prayer with Afro-Cuban music. Jan Hartong’s composition will be performed by the Israeli Vocal Ensemble together with Nueva Manteca players from the Netherlands, one of the leading bands in the field of Latin music in Europe.

Elma Arts Complex, Zichron Ya’akov – 06.04.2024 | 11:00
Raanana Music House – 07.04.2024 | 20:30

Tel Aviv Museum of Art – 08.04.2024 | 20:30
Digital hall – 08.04.2024 | 20:30

Concert 4 – Duruflé’s Requiem and Poulenc’s Mass

The Israeli Vocal Ensemble
Organ: Raviv Leibzirer
Conductor: Yuval Benozer

Two wonderful pieces from the French choral repertoire: the Requiem by Maurice Duruflé, and the Mass in G by Francis Poulenc. The Requiem, which brought Duruflé most of his publicity, is a tribute to Gregorian chant and is one of the most performed pieces in the choral repertoire. The original version of the piece, influenced by Gabriel Fauré’s famous requiem, brings the spirit of peace and reconciliation with death, written for organ and choir, and will be performed on the symphonic organ of the Israeli Vocal Ensemble. Along with the Requiem, another French gem will be performed—the Mass in G by Poulenc, characterized by lyrical musical lines, which cast a spell over every listener.

St. John Anglican Church, Haifa – 01.06.2024 | 12:00
Raanana Music House – 03.06.2024 | 20:30

Tel Aviv Museum of Art – 04.06.2024 | 20:30
Digital hall – 04.06.2024 | 20:30
St. Andrews Church, Jerusalem – 07.06.2024 | 11:00